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December 2012

Getting your Serpentine Coils Serviced

Contractors who deal with indoor appliances on a regular basis understand the importance of serpentine coils and the role they play with various heating and cooling systems. The coil refers to a series of bent, S shaped metal components that transfer current. These...

Bend-It Is Your Best Source for Pipe Rolling

Bend-It can economically and quickly meet all your pipe rolling needs. Bend-It’s President, Tom Young has more than thirty years of shop experience, so you know that your project is going to meet your exacting standards. The company has a proven track record of two...

Saving Space with Hot Bending Techniques

Hot bending provides a much wider range of options for shapes and angles. When you are trying to build a new facility or manufacturing equipment, every inch of space counts. A few extra feet to accommodate a jumble of pipes can add thousands of dollars to your total...