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October 2013

Pipe Rolling and Your Business

If you need pipe rolling completed for your business, Bend It, Inc., can help. With the right pipes, you can make sure your industrial products stand up to a Texas windstorm or other natural disasters. At Bend IT, Inc., you can have custom-made pipes bent to your...

3 Ways To Get A Better Heat Coil

It’s important to get a heat coil for your HVAC system or any other system that you have within your operations. Your operations may be unique in one way or another, which is why it’s necessary to focus on a way to get a better coil. You may need customizations and...

What Is a Condensing Coil?

At Bend IT, Inc., you can find in-house fabrication, custom-made bends, and fast turnaround for your condensing coil needs. A condensing coil can also be known as a heat coil and is used in items like space heaters, air conditioners, and radiators. There are different...