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August 2014

Features Of A Vaporizer Coil

A vaporizer coil can be used in a variety of different industries and for various purposes. When you need such a coil, it is important to know what the various features are so that you can make the best selection based upon what you will be using it for. From there,...

How To Get The Heat Coil You Need

It’s important that you get the heat coil you need for your assembly or plant. If you lack the coils you need, it will be difficult to manage the transfer of heat as required. There are various ways to purchase coils. What you want to avoid is making them on your own...

Dies Formed from Rolled Pipe or Tube Bending

Pipe rolling or tube bending is the general name for the forming metal process which is used to form a rolled pipe or tube permanently. There is a difference between freedom-bending and form-bound process. There is also a difference between cold forming and heat...