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10 Facts about Pipe Bending and Coiling for Oil and Gas Wells

Are you looking to better understand the pipe/tube bending industry, so you can choose a top provider of these highly specialized services?

Here are 10 facts about pipe coiling/bending for oil and gas wells and on finding the best supplier:

1. Pipe bending is a term that describes the process of forming coils and pipes out of metal. Coiling/bending has long been a vital function in the oil and gas industry. To understand this complex technology, knowledge of facts is necessary.

2. There are two types of processes: hot and cold bending/coiling. Cold coiling/bending is a high-speed manufacturing process. Hot coiling/bending is utilized primarily in repair-work.

3. Cold and hot pipe bending can be separated into form-bound and free-form procedures. Form bending relates to press and draw bending. Free-form shapes metal through motion.

4. Potential clients should research their suppliers thoroughly. The company hired must demonstrate a staff of highly trained and qualified technicians, who have a firm understanding of pipe/tube bending technology.

5. Since coiling/bending are specialized tasks, customers need to be aware of the different types. Pipe benders come in manual, hydraulic, programmable and round versions. The materials used to bend and coil pipes are made of steel and alloys. A pipe’s particular features calculate length, which should be enough for technicians to get a picture of the outcomes.

6. Customers should consult with us at Bend It first. We are a leading service supplier of pipe bending in Houston, TX and a custom provider of specialized pipe bending services. We also manufacture pipe coils of any size and shape.

7. At Bend It, we are a custom-designer of pipes. The company will construct pipes and coils according to length, diameter, alloy material and various other details, specified by the client.

8. Our stellar staff has built a record of trust and reliability, as illustrated in our client testimonials. We are very proud to have met the exacting demands of our industry and invite prospective customers to visit us online and learn more.

9. Pipe/tube bending is currently used to diagnose oil wells. Depleted wells may require pumping chemicals through the pipe coil to function properly, rather than relying on gravity.

10. Bending/coiling is also used in well-work to alter the state of well geometry. In so doing, companies like us provide a safe solution for properly managing well production.