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How 3D Bends Can Improve The Way You Operate

It’s always important to make improvements as to how you operate. 3D bends can be used to your benefit. With such bends, you can have a bend that is 3 times the size of the diameter of the pipe. A 10-inch pipe can provide a 30-inch radius centerline on the bend, and this has many benefits.

1. Better Function

You can experience a lot of improved function when you get the bends needed. Without the 3D bends, you could have to add a significant amount of piping in that causes backups and other problems. Engineering is based upon the simplest solution to get liquid (or gas) from one location to the next in the shortest and most effective manner possible. If you don’t have the means of doing that, we can help bring the schematics to life.

2. Improved Flow

The flow of liquid does not have to be complicated. When you have a 3D bend in place, it can help with the flow of any fluid so that it gets to where it needs to go in an efficient way.

3. Fewer Maintenance Issues

The most common problems with piping has to do with the connectors and fittings that are used on pipes. Whether you have pipe coiling in place or not, you want to minimize the number of twists and turns, and that means cutting down on the connectors and fittings. By bending the pipes as needed, you can reduce the number of pieces you have and this can eliminate a significant amount of maintenance because there won’t be as much that can go wrong.

4. Reduced Accidents

When you don’t have to worry about pipes leaking at the connection points, it can reduce the number of accidents that take place onsite. If pipes ever start leaking, this can cause slips, falls and various other accidents — depending on the size of the leak and other details.

5. Less Parts

Less parts means less money. In the competitive oil and gas industry, cost-efficiency is key. You can spend a little money to have the 3D bends made and then not have to worry about investing in connectors and all sorts of other pipe tools.