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Top Benefits Of 5D Bends

Obtaining 5D bends is not without its benefits. The more you know about the benefits, the easier it is to get what you need without having to settle. There’s nothing worse than “making do” with something that doesn’t meet all of your specifications. By finding a company that can do the bends that are needed, you can always take advantage of all that is offered.

Significant Bend

5D bends are not produced by just any company. 3D and 4D bends are relatively common, but the 5D ones are not because it is defined as being 5 times the diameter of the pipe for the radius of the bend. This produces a considerably obtuse angle so that the bend can be at the degree necessary for the engineering schematic of your design.

No Connections Required

Any time you are using rolled pipe or anything else, there is a starting and ending point. In between the two points, some twists and turns may need to be made. It can be easier to have the bends at the angles required as opposed to having to use connections. When there are connections, it can lead to more maintenance and the occasional leak simply because they weren’t secured strong enough to begin with.


It’s possible to get the customization that is needed. You may require certain metal alloys based upon what the pipes will be exposed to on a regular basis. Beyond the alloy, there may be a specific diameter pipe you need, and this can make it harder to achieve the necessary bends. The larger the pipe diameter is, the larger the radius of the bend can be, and 5D bends are some of the hardest to create because of the sheer size. The benefit to having them is that you can get what’s needed without having to settle with something less.

No Work on Your Part

There are many ways to bend pipe, but it doesn’t have to be something you are responsible for. One of the benefits to working with Bend It is that you can get the 5D bends that are needed without any work on your part. This means no equipment, no training, and no dedicated labor. You place the order for what is needed and we deliver it.