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When You Need Davit Arms, Come to Bend-IT, Inc.

Davit arms are ideal when it comes to holding up blind flanges for openings on pressure vessels. In fact, they are handy when you need something to suspend an object while workers move another object into place for bolting or other purposes. Davit arms can be bent into a goose-neck like apparatus with the right equipment. A rotary-draw pipe bending machine, along with proper tooling, can result in producing davit arms fit to specifications.

At Bend-IT, Inc., we offer custom pipe-bending that meets the demands of our customers and we aim to get it in their hands as quickly as possible. We can produce davit arms that will effectively suspend objects while performing other necessary duties to accomplish your job at hand. Our equipment is in top-notch condition and inspected vigorously for the best possible performance. The ability of our bending technicians to produce on-spec davit arms is one of the many reasons why many in the aerospace, oil-field, petrochemical and refinery industries refer to us as the best in the business.

We produce davit arms in all pipe sizes up to 8” sch 80. Our davit arms can be manufactured to your spec with the tangents cut to size or they can be left long for your field trim. There is no slacking on our end to producing davit arms that meets your custom design as well as the industry standards. Our reputation for producing pipe bending and coil fabrication is sterling and for the past 20+ years, we have come through for our customers, resulting in our becoming one the best of all pipe bending companies in the Houston area. Every one of our supervisors and most of our metal fabricatoring and bending technicians have more than 15 years experience providing pipe bending as well as heating and coiling coil fabrication.

Davit arms are just one of our specialties for custom metal pipe bending. We provide helical coils, custom fitted coils, jacketed coils and carbon steel pipe coils with our custom coil fabrication processes. In addition, we do angle rolling with leg in and led out configurations, channel rolling with flanges in or out and even hard way, flat bar bending easy way and hard way and I-beam rolling easy way and hard way. If you have a requirement that is not listed on our website, please call with your request. Many times we can find a way to get something done that is outside the normal and we do things that other bending companies will not even attempt to try.

We can package all items for shipping to just about anywhere in the world. For pipe bending in Houston , you do not need to look any further than Bend-IT, Inc.

If you are interested in requesting a quote for davit arms or have a question you would like to ask, just call us at 888-805-1734, fax 713-991-0827 or email us at sales.

If you wish to contact President Tom Young, you can call the same number of send an email to president.
Trust in BendIT, Inc. to Deliver High Quality Davit Arm Solutions

Bend-IT, Inc. has been providing our customers with nothing short of excellence for the past 24 years and there’s no reason for us to stop now. We proudly offer a number of professional custom metal bending solutions including those related to davit arms. So if your company is in need of a partner who can supply quality davit arm solutions, then you can count on the skilled and experienced team from Bend-IT, Inc.

When you need custom metal bending done right…and you need it done right now…your best bet is to Send It to Bend-It, Inc.