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Where Can I Find Reliable Bending & Fabrication Services

hot-oil-vaporizer-coil In the event you are looking for a hot oil vaporizer coil, you cannot buy off the shelf in many instances. You will find many companies who will sell you a vaporizer coil, though it may not meet your specifications. This means that you will have to modify what you have in place to be able to use the off the shelf coil – and this can be counterproductive.

You can find the coils that you need by seeking a custom fabrication company. Bend-It, Inc. has been able to provide pipe bending in Houston as well as various other services. We have a wide range of services because we have a great team and believe in being able to accommodate the needs of companies across many different industries. Call Bend-It, Inc. today to find out how we can help you.


Who Makes the Best Oil Vaporizer Coil in Houston?

It’s important to know who makes the best coils in Houston so you can get what you need. There should be no reason for you to settle when you require coils for your operations. A company that can follow your specifications and meet your deadlines while providing everything at an affordable rate is one that you should work with.

At Bend-It, Inc., we have a number of reviews and testimonials of clients who are satisfied with our work. We go above and beyond to see that our clients have what is needed to be productive as well as to offer the most within their operations and to their clients. We will go over the pros and cons of using a vaporizer coil and take measurements if needed to help you meet all of the requirements of your project. We are dedicated to what we do and that is why many companies continue to come back to us with new projects. Contact Bend-It, Inc. today for more information.

What is a Hot Oil Vaporizer Coil?

A hot oil vaporizer coil is responsible for heating a liquid and turning it into a vapor. There are three forms to every element: Solid, liquid, and gas. A coil allows you to embrace two of the three forms. The oil that you are converting to gas and the reason for it is going to vary from industry to industry. However, knowing what the coil does and why it is used will allow you to determine when you need one as well as the features that you require. Learn more about how the coil works here: http://bit.ly/1rfPumL

At BendIt, Inc., we work with an array of coils, including helical coils. Our goal is to help you maintain productivity and avoid the headaches of in-house production. We will take the time to explain the benefits of various alloys within the coils to maximize your output. Call Bend-It, Inc. today to learn more about what we have to offer.


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Published by Bend-It, Inc. on November 12, 2015

Metal fabrication is a core need for almost every industry, and at Bend-It, Inc. we are the experts many industries rely on for specific, quality results. The hot oil vaporizer coil is one of the more important products we manufacture and distribute.

While these coils can come in a variety of shapes, their main function doesn’t change. When a desired substance within the hot oil vaporizer coil travels through, a process known as zone refining removes any impurities. These coils are bent and shaped according to meet the specific needs of the ordering industry and the substance it’ll be carrying and purifying.

The Shapes and Uses of Hot Oil Vaporizer Coils

As its name suggests, hot oil vaporizer coils play a major role in the oil and natural gas extraction process. Every petro-chemcial refinery is different, with a unique layout that requires their own specific lengths, circumferences, and shapes of hot oil vaporizer coils. One of the more popular shapes is known as the ‘serpentine’. This shape type refers to any coil that has a number of individual bent coils that are designed to fit specific sections within a refinery.

Another common shape is the helical coil, named after the helix shape. This coil consists of a series of near-identical loops that gives it a spring-like shape. This hot oil vaporizer coil enables the gas or liquid inside to travel a longer distance while taking up a relatively small amount of space within a refinery. The longer travel distance enables the liquid or gas to undergo a more pronounced purifying.