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Industrial Metal Bending Services | Pipe and Tube Coiling Services

Accurate Industrial Metal Bending

When you need custom metal bending done right, and you need it done right now, your best bet is to send it to Bend-It, Inc. For nearly 24 years, we have been providing fast turnaround to petrochemical, oil field, as well as industrial and commercial clients. We work with all structural shapes such as angles, channels, beams, flat bars, square tubes, rectangular tubes, and round tubes. Our experience includes all carbon steels, alloys, and exotics such as grades of carbon steels, hard metals, alloys, and exotic materials. Heating and cooling coil fabrication and heating and cooling coils are our specialty. We offer metal bending for in-house fabrication or we can provide a completely fabricated and tested unit, ready for installation.

Contact us at (713) 991-0745 to receive more information about our industrial metal bending services.


Structural Shape
Metal Bending

Round Pipe and
Tube Bending

Round Pipe and
Tube Coiling