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Pipe Bending Companies in Houston?

pipe-bending-companies Pipe bending companies in Houston can provide you with a simpler, more effective way of getting the pipes that you need. You will be able to choose the steel or metal alloy that you require as well an array of services that you may need. This includes such things as 3d bends as well as rolling, coiling and much more.

At Bend-It, Inc., we are a custom fabricator that takes the time to understand your needs. We have an outstanding reputation and pride ourselves on a guaranteed fast turnaround. More importantly, we provide the services you require so you don’t have to do them in-house. With our experienced professionals doing all of the bending and fabricating, it can cut down on the labor as well as the potential safety issues on site that you could otherwise face.

As you look at companies that offer pipe bending, you will want to ensure you choose a company that provides all of the various services you require. This allows you to eliminate all in-house services regarding pipe bending and rolling so that a company can simply provide everything that you need. You can then eliminate a considerable amount of labor and training on premises. Call Bend-It, Inc. today and learn how outsourcing your pipe bending needs to us can increase your profitability.

Reviews on Pipe Bending Companies?

Finding reviews for companies is important as it will tell you what other people have encountered when working with a pipe bending company. At Bend-It, Inc., we have an array of testimonials and our clients have left positive reviews for us on an array of review websites.

When you read reviews, it can tell you about pricing, value, customer service and various other details. These can help you to find out more about a company than what you read about on a website or what a sales representative tells you over the phone. Prior to choosing a company to work with, the reviews can help to answer additional questions so that you are comfortable with choosing one company over another. Call Bend-It, Inc. today for more information.

Reliable Pipe Bending Companies in Houston?

You should always be on the lookout for reliable companies in Houston. This ensures you can count on the quality that you receive. Should the alloys, the measurements or anything else be incorrect, it can lead to problems throughout your operation – and these can cause accidents or cost you more money.

It’s important to get the help when you need it. Pipe bending companies in Houston can help you to calculate the radius needed to determine what kinds of bends you need, such as when you need 5d bends. Find out more about calculations here: http://bit.ly/1ylmQpl.

Bend-It, Inc., Inc is a reliable pipe bending company in Houston and we stand by our name. We have experienced technicians that will take care of all of the bending needs that your company has and ensure that calculations and specifications are considered. Call Bend-It, Inc. and find out more about our services today!


When you need custom metal bending done right…and you need it done right now…your best bet is to Send It to Bend-It, Inc.!

Updated by Bend-It, Inc. on October 3rd, 2015

When determining which pipe bending companies you want to work with, it’s a good idea to know what types of products and services they offer. Even if you have a specific need for a current project, you may find yourself needing other services and products later on. It’s advantageous to choose one supplier to create a long-term relationship for convenience and cost.

Here are some of the services you should look for in pipe bending companies:

  • Coils.  Many industries require helical and serpentine coils for various heating and cooling applications. Full-service pipe bending companies fabricate these coils according your desired specifications.
  • Pipes.  It’s in the name! One of the most renowned services of this industry is the bending and shaping of various types of metal pipes to most any specification. A reputable pipe bending company has the equipment necessary to offer 2D, 3D, 4D, and even 5D bends.
  • Metal tubes. Bending isn’t just for pipes. Whether you want to create a custom bike rack or need curved steel rails for a commercial site, pipe bending companies can roll, bend, cut, and add unique edges and treatments to facilitate your design needs.
  • Structural shapes.  From flat bars to i-beams, pipe bending companies are adept at huge structural projects.

Working with a top supplier and fabricator won’t just mean you get the big pieces you need, but it also eliminates the labor and headache of transportation as your beams, pipes, and coils will be delivered directly to your property or work site.

Updated by Bend-It, Inc. on September 10th, 2015

The primary function offered by pipe-bending companies is tube-bending and primary fabrication. This covers both general and customized pipe-bending. The services are vital components of structural and conduit pieces for manufacturing and other industries such as automotive, petroleum, electronic, and material handling. Other than pipe-bending, these companies offer additional services that complement this primary offering. They include:

  • Welding services: Welding is an essential part of fabrication and pipe-bending. The primary function of welding is to joining separate components to make the final work piece.
  • CNC machining: This involves a series of precision services on work pieces using a number of machining centers, CAD and CAM software and other systems. The most common CNC machining techniques include turning, milling and drilling.
  • Tube cutting: Cutting is essential to get the work piece to the right size and shape. Two methods used include manual and automated cutting processes. Laser-cutting is used for projects that require a high level of precision.
  • Sheet forming: Sheet forming is a fundamental material for many industries. The applications require different sheet materials, sizes and thickness. To meet this need, the pipe-bender must invest in various equipment and skills.

Other Services

Other than the above mentioned, pipe-bending companies offer secondary services that complement the primary ones for the right results. These include drilling, flattening, milling, machining, and others. These both complement the primary services, as well as make activities such as assembly and joining easier.

Updated by Bend-It, Inc. on December 3rd, 2015

Have you ever been curious about how metal tubes get their precision shape? Pipe bending companies are versed in taking long strips of metal and reforming them into the various shapes and specs required by individuals and firms. This includes re-working stainless steel piping into usable bends that are appropriate for applications like aircraft components and exhaust headers.

Here are just a few of of the products and services pipe bending companies offer:

  • Coils – Helical and serpentine coils are a necessity in most heating and cooling applications, such as with home boiler repair or in big oil rigs. A full-service pipe bending company takes a long pipe and uses special mechanical equipment to curve it into a coil so that it end-product will meet an application’s specifications.
  • Pipes – As you probably guessed from the name, pipe bending companies specialize in bending and shaping various types of metal piping to meet all of the curves, bends, angles, and cuts a client requires. Be sure to ask your potential pipe company if they have the equipment and are well versed in offering 2D, 3D, 4D, and 5D bends. Even if you don’t need such specifications for your current project, you might need it for a project further down the line and it’s better to partner with a full-service pipe bending company from the start to build a solid working relationship.
  • Structural shapes and tubes –  Pipe bending companies are equipped to roll, bend, cut, and add special edges and treatments to metals to fit the needs of most any structural project, whether it’s a personalized bike rack or a massive i-beam

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