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5 Pipe Bending in Houston Issues We Resolve

At Bend It, we know that pipe bending in Houston requires careful precision. After all, quite a bit could go wrong if tubes are not formed just right.

Five issues with bending pipe that we resolve are as follows:

  1. Manufacturers have to figure out how to shape pipes in tight places. In doing so, they usually use a process called compression bending. This allows fabricators to fit the tubing into a small area. This involves clamping material behind its rear tangent point before rotary arm rolling or compression occurs. Afterward, the tubing substance is placed into a die.
  2. Testers have to make sure pipes can withstand extreme temperatures. Knowing how a certain metal will react in freezing or hot weather can prevent snapping, condensation, clogging or freezing. This ensures gas, water or product flows within them to the output point without backing up within the plumbing system.
  3. Forgers need to find a way to prevent thinning of pipe walls when bent. Draw bending is often used to create a tight radius within thin material walls. This process can also prevent narrowing of a tube near its bend, and this could stop plumbing from snapping into two sections.
  4. Pipe bursting could become an issue. It does not often freeze in Houston, but we still recommend bending procedures that prevents tube bursting. For instance, we make sure all tube openings are sealed to prevent wind from damaging the plumbing. We also do our best to minimize downstream pressure that could occur between a blockage and closed faucet.
  5. Metal tubes can break when bent, but manufacturers can stop damage from occurring. We typically use steel for pipe bending, and we have shaped it into tubes as well as half-jackets, coils and climbers. We recommend this over aluminum because aluminum sometimes breaks too easily if a fabricator does not work the material slowly.

Our company specializes in all types of pipe bending in Houston. For instance, we offer 3D and 5D bending. These techniques make it easier for us to make sure all tubes are shaped in exactly the right way with all the pressure applied and released at all the correct distances from one point to the next.

We also provide hot bending for times when maximum shaping is needed, and cold bending for times when heat would weaken the materials. Contact us at Bend It today and learn more about all the ways we provide the best pipe bending in Houston for our clients.

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