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5D Bends: A Specialization in Pipes

The 5D bend in pipe bending is an accomplishment in pipe manufacturing, and not all pipe companies can provide it. The only alternative to finding a professional expert in 5D bends would be to attempt training your current employees to prepare the 5D bends for your business in-house. The cost outlay for this undertaking would be prohibitive, however, plus the advantages of having a self-trained 5D bender–versus hiring a professional company with experts who have been creating 5D bends for years–are practically non-existent. Hiring a professional to create the 5D bends piping for your business contracts is a win-win solution. The mere accident potential in having a newbie bending 5Ds is an insurance company’s statistical nightmare.

It’s important to find a balance between finding a company that can provide you with what you want, at a price that you can afford. Contacting a company to find out what they are going to charge for 5d bending is critical. When you look at the bending, be specific as to anything else you may need from this company as well, including how much rolled pipe. The more you buy, the more affordable it can be.

5d Bends Specifications

  • Carbon Stainless Steel Bends 5D,
  • Thickness of Pipe Wall: SCH5 to SCH160
  • 5D Bend Pipe Fittings
  • Types: 5D Bends
  • Size: ½ to 72 inches, DN15 to DN 1800mm
  • Manufacturing Standards: ISO, DIM, ANSI, JIS
  • Materials:
    • carbon steel
      • stainless steel F316L, F316, F304L, F304,
      • A403,A234,

Methods of bends in carbon steel

While the industry provides various means for bending the carbon steel pipe to the 5D bend, heat induction is the most widely-known–but not the most popular–technique in the industry. The pipe to be bent is subjected to extreme temperature, and when at the desired heat, a mode or model in the dimensions of the 5D bends is forced through the heated pipe, causing the pipe to conform to the bend of the 5D pipe dimensions. Carbon steel is the hardest pipe material used in this manner, and heat induction is the best means to curve the carbon steel pipe into the 5D curvature.


Heat-processed 5D bend pipes are used in all oil and gas lines, and the factory testing exceeds the quality standards required by the oil and gas industry. This is an industry where quality standards can be linked to safety standards.

What You Are Buying

Customers obtain a wide range of bend geometries and total design flexibility with customized radius and angle. Qualified subcontractors carry out hot induction bending with state-of-the-art technology, giving full control of the bending process, as well as total monitoring of all bending parameters.

1) Heat Induction Bends for Oil and Gas Industry

The production of high-quality bends depends on the manufacturing process of the steel pipe that is transformed into the bend. During the hot-induction bending process, unavoidable thinning occurs. Therefore, a custom- and precision-made mother pipe must be produced in order to comply with minimum wall thickness after the bending is complete.

Heat treatment is carried out on each bend in order to achieve the required degree and mechanical properties after bending. For critical applications (such as high-strength steel, heavy wall, sour service or low-temperature) full quenching and tempering after bending is still performed as a preferred process. Machining the bend ends guarantees top tolerances of inside diameters of the pipe. We therefore ensure the bend has the minimum working strengths of the mother pipe.

World-class bending manufacturers provide high quality bending solutions for oil and gas pipelines, either onshore or offshore. The bends manufacturing and testing procedures exceed all quality standards required by the oil and gas industry.

2) Cold Bending Process

High quality bending solutions are more than critical. Cold-bending is commonly used over hot-bending because certain types of steel and metal alloys can be weakened. You cannot allow the pipes to be weakened in any way as this can lead to damage of your product, your plant, or cause risks of injury to your employees. Cold-bending is also preferred by many industries because of its affordability, with costs being less than that of heat induction.

Cold-bending 5D bends is a continuous operation where a long strip of metal, usually steel, is passed through sets of rollers, with each set of rollers performing only a part of the bend, until the desired cross-section profile is obtained. Roll-forming is ideal for producing parts with long lengths or in large quantities. Roll-Forming is also generally a lower cost process than other metal forming processes. Cold-processed bends are used in construction, water piping and as machinery parts.

Taking America’s Industry Back Again

With the loss of America’s leading industry of steel centered in the factories of Pennsylvania, it is of considerable pride that Houston has become a center for steel pipe manufacturing, rolling, and creating various bends for the industry. Bend-It is a leading go-to authority for the Houston-based American steel industry and has been for over 30 years, under the executive leadership of Tom Young.

Experience, Expertise, Affordability, Local

At Bend-It, we have experience with cold-bending that ensures your needs are being met at all times. We work closely with you to establish specifications based on your industry and the applications for your pipes. From there, we can make recommendations on the pipe-rolling and an array of other services. This allows you to get the help needed without having to rely on everything in-house. Some procedures in steel and pipe manufacturing require not only specialized training and hard work but years of experience to perform the procedures safely and exactly to specifications.

Owner CEO Tom Young has over 30 years of shop experience and a degree in business administration, providing clients with experience geared to understand your needs, whether in management, engineering or production. Bend-It provides fast, dependable metal custom-bending for:

  • angle
  • flat bar
  • round tube
  • pipe
  • square tube
  • Ibeams
  • channel
  • finned tube

We specialize in bending, fabricating and testing of heating and cooling coils. We are proud of our leading reputation in the industry with our attitude of professional workmanship and on-time delivery. Some of our advantages over competitors include:

  • Fast Turnaround Times
  • Dependability
  • Outstanding Reputation
  • Custom Pipe Bending
  • Custom Oil Field Bending
  • Architectural Application Bending
  • Heating and Cooling Coil Fabrication

Bend-It fabricates all types and sizes of cooling coils from 1/8″ pipe to 8″ pipe and all alloys.