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Bend-It Davit Arms Support the Weight of the World

Correctly functioning davit arms are critical to the efficient running of any industry that requires workers to suspend an object in the air while performing work down below.  During the performance of these delicate operations, safety demands that the davits holding that object are of the utmost quality and durability.  Davits have been around since the turn of the 20th century when they were developed for naval applications to help secure lifeboats to larger vessels.  Knowing a good thing when they saw it, others soon adopted the technology for a wide range of industry applications.  Today they are a ubiquitous part of any large manufacturing operation.

The Versatile Davit Arms…

Long a mainstay of the aeronautical, petroleum, and other technical industries, a safe, fully functioning davit is the friend of the skilled technical worker.  They need to be able to work knowing that the heavy load swinging above their head is securely tethered and poses no threat or danger to the worker.  To achieve this peace of mind, there are numerous design specifications that must be met by the manufacturer, and the manufacturing team at Bend-It understands these requirements.

The manufacturing team at Bend-It utilizes cold bending techniques that results in stronger yield strength for the steel, and when there is a thousand pound piece of equipment swaying over your head as you work beneath it, you want to be sure that that steel is as strong as it can possibly be.  It is for this reason that Bend-It is an industry leader in the production of these important industrial tools.

When everything is working right, nobody thinks about the davit arms above but when catastrophe strikes, it is imperative that you have the very best quality that the industry has to offer and that is offered at Bend-It every day because if it needs to bend…then Bend-It needs to do the bending.

Call the Experts at Bend-It…

If you find yourself in the market for durable davit arms, then you need to contact the expert sales team at Bend-It to see what they have to offer.  They’ve been in business for nearly 20 years and have built a reputation for excellence that is as solid as their products.  They provide a variety of bending solutions for angle, flat bar, channel, pipe, round and square tubes, and I beams.  If it is metal and needs to be bent, Houston, Texas-based Bend-It is the go to location for operators looking for quality material and painstaking excellence in manufacturing.  Call them today to see how they can help you get up and running tomorrow.  Don’t let that project languish because you lack the davit arms you need to get the job done.