Veteran Owned
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Bend-It Is Your Best Source for Pipe Rolling

Bend-It can economically and quickly meet all your pipe rolling needs. Bend-It’s President, Tom Young has more than thirty years of shop experience, so you know that your project is going to meet your exacting standards. The company has a proven track record of two decades of service to industry, so you know they’re not a fly by night and will be there for the foreseeable future to continue providing excellent customer support. Whether you’ve got a small pipe bending project or a huge project, Bend-It can meet your needs and schedule.

Bend-It Bends Everything

The company has the expertise and equipment to meet all of your bending needs, no matter what the material. Whether you need custom-bent copper, aluminum, steel (carbon or stainless steel), or even exotic materials, your project will be completed efficiently and professionally.

Bend-It can produce bends of 180 degrees all the way down to eight degrees. Their advanced bending equipment can handle all types of pipe, whether its round tube, square tube, and finned tube, flat bar, or channel. Since the company’s reputation is on the line with every project they undertake they put the same effort and pride into every job.

Bend-It provides services to customers in a variety of industries. Some of their customers are in the petrochemical, aerospace, and oil field industries. No matter what industry you do business in, Bend-It can provide a custom-tailored service and delivery package to fit your needs.