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Cold Bending Solutions

Cold bending is the most successful method of bending steel for use in construction and industry. It results in a smooth and even curved section of steel and is especially accurate in bending tubes with a tight radius. By placing the piece of steel in between three rolls in a special piece of equipment made for the purpose, an elegant curve is produced. As the machine makes consecutive passes, the distance is shortened between the rolls, which results in the bend. Because of the shape of the three rolls surrounding the steel, this type of bending is sometimes called pyramid rolling.

When you have a need for cold bending, you can partner with a company that has known experience in the field and who can match the strictest demands. It’s important to find a supplier of that can offer the same high quality goods that you need on schedule and for the best price. In addition, you need to find one supplier who can handle all of your orders, no matter what type of custom product you need.

Metal bending companies produce products that fit exact specifications with quick turnaround to meet industry deadlines. The types of industries who need coil fabrication or special metal bending include the oil field industry, the aerospace industry and the petrochemical industry. Those sections of the market order many various types of bended metals.

Types of Cold Bending and Custom Metal Bending Products:

  • Helical Coils – Offer the best solution to cooling and heating applications using rinse tanks, acid solutions, alkaline mixes and replacement heating elements.
  • Davit Arms – Perfect for supporting blind flanges used in the openings of pressure vessels. Additionally, they can be used to hold an item up while workers are moving another item product place.
  • Pipe Bending – Special ordered cold bending is important to the aerospace and petrochemical industries as well as oil fields and refineries. Pipe bending orders can be carried out in every type of custom shape for diversified uses including angle rolling, channel rolling, I-beam rolling and flat bar bending.
  • Rolled Pipe – Rolled pipes can include an arc, curve or particular radius. Custom bending creates arcs from 1 – 360 degrees or industry standards including 2D, 3D or 5D bends.
  • Serpentine Coils – Fills an industry need for cooling and heating applications that require a medium transfer of heat, rather than a large amount. They are constructed using up to eight vertical lengths of tubing spaced around the perimeter of a vessel.
  • Draw Bending – Using specific die sets and a centerline radius, rotary draw bending is a very precise method of bending.

Other types of cold bending include pipe coiling, stainless steel tubing and tube bundles. The method is also appropriate for large radius bends, such as 2D, 3D and 5D bends.