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Creative Uses for the Services Provided by Pipe Bending Companies

We can thank pipe bending companies for creative and resourceful designs that add to our urban spaces.  Although there are many industrial uses for pipe bending services, most people give little thought to the decorativeness they add to daily experiences. While they are essential for plumbing, oil wells and other purposes, the creative employment of pipes is absolutely versatile.

Bicycle Rack Art

With assistance from pipe bending companies and local artists, the city of Los Angeles, California commissioned artist designed bicycle racks. As permanent installations, bent pipe is an essential component of this utilitarian art. While filling a desperate need for visual appeal, the needs of bicyclists are also met. Bike rack designs range from abstract and minimalist, to soft and appealing. Some examples are inverted hearts, free form techno- industrial shapes, detailed and imposing recreations of bicycle chains, cactus shapes, and colorful waves.

Outdoor Home Spaces

Homeowner taste is reflected in the design of driveway and garden gates and patio fences. Designs range from simple to floral, modern, vintage, and pop art. Painted pipe used for fence rails works nicely with wood beams. A water tower fountain is made from upright pipes. Pipes to fill swimming pills can be raised above the pool in custom designs. Culvert pipes are used for planters. Bent PVC piping can protect and provide water for home flower gardens. Pipe sculptures are blended into gardens. Curved steel pipe rails give an organic feel to a screened porch when used with a stone wall and ceramic tiles. Another organic style of bent pipe emulates the shapes of tree branches in the back of a garden bench. A plant arbor is made from pipes. Garden chairs made with bent pipe are durable and decorative. Perforated and bent pipe also creates depth for a patio wall.

Public Spaces

Amazing architectural effects are created with bent piping, while functionality and durability are maximized. Pipes are curved and into tight radii and steep pitches for visual and spatial effect. Spiral staircases built with bent pipes can be seen at the Capitol Visitors Center in Washington, D.C., the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum in McMinville, OR., and the Northern Quest Resort and Casino in Airway Heights, WA.


Bent pipe is an integral component to modern sculpture. From small desk pieces to towering outdoor installations, bent pipe is an important modality. Science fiction sized creatures and dramatic human figures adorn outdoor spaces.

Interior Design

Indoor uses for bent pipe include freestanding and wall light sconces. Styles include everything from Art Deco to Modern Industrial, to animal depictions. An unusual light sconce uses bent pipe for a frame which holds an inner lamp shade. Another design incorporates bent piping into hanging lights over a pool table. Every kind of utilitarian and artistic combination can be made. There are wall shelves with multiple staggered tiers, book shelves, plant shelves, and freestanding shelves, made with bent pipes.   Other indoor uses are clothing racks, candlestick holders, cabinets, door pull handles, and towel racks, and coat racks, Versatile PVC piping makes a doable project of customized curtain rods.


Outdoor and indoor furniture is created with bent piping, which can be finished and bent to taste.  Dining tables, coffee tables, glass topped and wood topped desks are easily customized with bent piping.

From Industry to Art

Pipe bending services have wide- spread industrial application including defense, medical, transportation, agriculture, and aerospace. Now it is much used for art and design as well.