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Fluid Medium Advantage Comparisons in Closed Loop Liquid Heating With A Hot Oil Vaporizer Coil

We have steadily observed the increasing popularity of utilizing hot oil vaporizer coils in closed loop thermal fluid heating systems for industrial processes. A coil may be needed in various shapes and sizes, designed specifically for its use in an environment where a substance is heated for industrial processing, including (but not limited to) food product manufacturing, oil processing, and pharmaceutical product manufacturing.

The processes listed above, as well as many others, use closed loop thermal fluid heating systems with a vaporizor coil, and innovations in these systems have led to increased ability to the use multiple mediums (with multiple advantages, as compared here), as well as an increased need for expert fabrication of a given hot oil vaporizer coil to precise specifications. This is particularly the case when existing designs and sizes don’t mesh well with new designs in heating systems, when replacement coils are needed, or when new designs are being tested.

Engineers match the application to the medium with the optimal thermodynamic properties, paired with the selected system and hot oil vaporizer coil size and type, based on location and application.  Closed loop systems often utilize oil, which has many advantages, but water and glycol in particular also have advantages based on application.

Advantages Common to Multiple Mediums

Whether utilizing oil based or other mediums, according to an Industry Sourcebook from the Industrial Technologies Program, thermal fluid systems, “have much lower vapor-pressure-to-temperature characteristics, which means that thermal fluids can provide high temperature service without the high pressures that would be required with steam” (Atkins, 2004).

Common mediums in this process are thermal oil, water, and glycol.

Thermal Oil Advantages

  • Capable of high temperature operation (600F max for organic, 800F with certain synthetics)
  • Capable of operation at very low pressures

Water/Glycol Advantages

  • Excellent choice for up to 300F indirect process heating
  • Safe in case of leakage (important for food production, pharmaceutical, or similar processes)

Closed loop systems offer multiple advantages in energy efficiency and cost savings and are ideal for multiple industrial processes.

Low pressure with high temperature is highly advantageous to numerous manufacturing processes, as noted earlier.  Additionally, when considering methods of system performance improvement over time, relative simplicity compared to other processing methods can mean less areas of potential inefficiency.  Hot oil vapor coils are compatible with other systems where heat is applied to liquid as well, but when used with a closed loop system, availability of multiple mediums and advantages of those mediums are a win for industry.

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