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How Helical Coils Can Improve Your Operations

When you have a boiler or some other project that requires a heating element, you have to look how helical coils can be the better option. It is capable of transferring heat across a surface more effectively. Prior to buying just any coil, there are some details that you need to sort out to have the greatest impact on your operations.

The electrical conductivity of metal needs to be a top consideration. Some metals can conduct more electricity than others. While there are a lot of metals that can handle heat, not all of them can handle the high temperatures.

It’s important to choose a metal that will work within the environment you plan on exposing it to. With metals that cannot be exposed to high temperatures, the helical coils can be created using the method of cold bending. This ensures that the metal does not weaken or become brittle in any capacity.

Any time that you are working with boilers, you have to know the dimensions. Some boilers are much smaller than others and that will also determine the size of the coil that you need.

It may be possible to use a single, large coil or use multiple, small helical coils. Much of it is going to depend on the overall design of the boiler or other piece of equipment. Knowing the specifications can ensure the ideal fit to avoid issues in the future.

Customization is going to have a positive impact on your operations as it will allow you to specify all of your needs. You can look at silver, copper, or some kind of alloy as the metal. You can identify treatments that need to be done on the metal so that it can be submerged in water with a high saline solution, exposed to a highly acidic chemical, or something else.

Helical coils are often a critical part of your operations and you cannot run the risk of them being damaged immediately upon being placed into service. This means that you have to focus on ways for them to last longer. When you focus on the features that are needed, you get a stronger coil that is going to last longer and ensure that you can run your operations more productively without having to worry as to whether the coil is going to be able to perform well or not.

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