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Helical Coils Serve a Wide Array of Industries

Helical coils are used for a wide variety of applications across many different industries. They can be manufactured in a variety of gauges and different metals including steel, copper, stainless steel and titanium. The helical shape makes the coils a superior choice for applications that require high temperatures. In these cases, straight tubes pose mechanical problems because of thermal expansion. This weakness is minimized in coil tubes. They are more able to distribute heat evenly and, therefore, expand more predictably.

Made to Specification 

Helical coils come in three basic configurations the single coil, nested coil and tapered spiral coil. Most manufacturers can create custom coils based on customer specifications. These specifications can include material types and terminal end provisions such as threads or flanges. There are also many types of standard coils available to use as replacement parts.

Greater Surface Area

The coiled tubes have the advantage of providing greater surface area within a small volume or area. These gains in surface area make them a good choice for condensers and evaporators. They can be used for applications with small temperature differences or that have high volumetric heat rating. The coils have very high pressure ratings and are an excellent choice for high pressure applications.

Superior Heat Transfer Capabilities

Helical coils have superior heat transfer capabilities and are an efficient choice for compact heat exchangers. The single point connections found in helical coils greatly reduce the potential for leaks and simplify the installation process.

Combinations are Endless

Coils can be manufactured from virtually any metal or combination of metals. They can be manufactured in any size. They can be used in alkaline solutions, acid solutions and rinse tanks. This adaptability means that helical coils can be used in many applications across a wide variety of industries.

Nuclear Industry

Helical coil steam generators are used in the nuclear industry. The coils are often used in the aerospace industry because of their strength, heat resistance and compact design.

Household Appliances

Helical coils can be found in many household appliances such as refrigerators, boilers and air conditioners.

Chemical Industry

The chemical industry has many uses for helical coils. With the wide variety of coil materials available, they are very resistant to rust and corrosion due to chemical exposure. Their compact nature makes coils an excellent choice for electronic applications where space is always at a premium.

Food Processing

Food Processing plants make use of coils for food production. They can be found in large dairy processing plants and pet food production facilities.


Helical coils are used in hospital equipment where precision is extremely important. Minute coils are even used in the human body for medical treatments. Pharmaceutical companies use helical coils in their manufacturing processes.

Helical coils can be found in nearly every industry or machine. Some other industries that use helical coils are biodiesel, asphalt and paving, automobile, plastics manufacturing, sanitation, laundry and mining.

The unique properties of helical coils make them an extremely useful component in nearly any machine. The helical shape gives the coils the ability to increase the surface area that can be used to exchange heat, speed evaporation and reduce the instance of leaks and spills. They can be manufactured in an endless variety of sizes, materials and configurations. It is easy to see why they can be found in so many different applications, machines and industries.