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Every Shape And Size Hot Oil Vaporizer Coil You Need

Metal fabrication is at the very heart of many industries, and we at Bend-It are the experts many people rely upon for quality results. Hot oil vaporizer coil is but one the many products our innovative firm manufactures, but it’s one of the most important. These coils come in many different shapes, but their primary function remains the same. As the substance within the coil travels along, impurities are removed through a process known as zone refining. The coils must be bent and shaped to specific speculations, and we have the expertise and technology to satisfy virtually any demand.

As the name suggests, hot oil vaporizer coil is an essential part of the oil and natural gas drilling process. Because each site can be so unique, the required length, circumference and even shape of the coil can vary greatly. The coils have to be fabricated to very exact specifications, because the substances being transported within them are usually very volatile. Though no two petro-chemical refineries are the same, some of the more common types of coil are regularly used by them all. These include helical, bayonet, pancake and serpentine coil, all of which are specialties of ours at Bend-It.

Helical Coil

This coil actually takes its name from the shape of human DNA, because helical means having the shape of a helix. Basically, the coil consists of a series of loops, giving it the shape of a spring. The point of this shape is to cause the liquid or gas to travel a long distance while taking up a small amount of physical space. It’s the equivalence of walking up a ten flights of stairs; while the person will have traveled a long distance from the first floor, the stairwell itself doesn’t take up much area. By forcing the liquid or gas within the tube to travel a further distance, the refining effect becomes more pronounced. This refining process is also known as zone melting, and it helps to remove impurities from the oil.

Other Hot Oil Vaporizer Coil Shapes

Another common shape seen at petro-chemical refineries is the serpentine. This shape can refer to a number of uniquely bent coils. The serpentine shape is typically specifically designed to fit one particular section of the refineries needs. As with the helical coil, the serpentine vaporizor coil has to be a certain length to allow the liquid or gas within to travel the proper distance. We at Bend-It can construct coil of virtually any size and shape, and we have more than twenty years of experience in doing just that. Our Houston based company is a staple in the South Texas oil industry, because of our excellent refining products.