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How to Calculate the Correct Size for Your Helical Coils

A helical coil, sometimes referred to as a helical spring, provides a connector that can store and release energy in order to resist pulling forces and compression between two objects. It also has the ability to absorb the shock that is caused by an impact. Helical Coils are very useful for several different applications, but they are particularly helpful in the heating industry. For example, if you are building a heat exchanger that needs to fit into a small space, it will be much easier to use helical coils because their shape takes up less room than a pipe.

Custom Sizes

Obtaining the correct size for your Helical Coils is very important. Not only will it allow you to make better usage of the space that you have available, but it will also provide the proper amount of tension to ensure a high quality performance. Because the coil will be curled multiple times, however, it can be difficult for people to determine the size that they need. The first step is to measure the distance between the coaxial cable and the reflector. Once you know the space that is available, you can consult with the professional Bend-It team to determine the exact size that is needed for your helical coil. If you already have a coil in place and you want to figure out the actual length and inductance of the wire, you can utilize a helical coil calculator. By providing us with this information, we will be able to easily construct a new custom helical coil for the necessary space.

What Impacts the Size of a Helical Coil?

As previously mentioned, the actual length between the two connectors is only the starting point for determining the size of a helical coil. From there, it is necessary to calculate the preferred number of turns and which direction the turns will take. In other words, if you have a very small space, you are going to need your helical coil to have a lot of small turns, but if you are working with a larger space, you might choose to have bigger turns. Either way, the coil will still be a much more efficient usage of space than a straight pipe, and this is the major advantage of utilizing them for heating and cooling, rinse tanks and acid solutions.

Converting to Helical Coils

Some companies have an inefficient pipe system in place that is overwhelming due to the amount of space that it takes up. If you are interested in converting your existing system from pipes to helical coils, you will need to measure the pipes and then take the needed coil resistance into account to get a proper replacement measurement. Bend-It is able to fill orders of all sizes, and we would be happy to assist you with the conversion process.

What Happens if I Get the Wrong Size?

One of the primary functions of the helical coil is to absorb shock, and this will become very difficult if the tension is not properly set. Therefore, if you have a coil that is way too large for the area that it is in, you will experience a lack of tension that will impact the helical coil’s performance. In order to avoid this, it is important to be very carefully when you are taking measurements. If you are still uncertain how to do this, you should contact one of the professionals at Bend-It to receive additional assistance.