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Which Industries Benefit from Pipe Bending Houston?

There are countless industries that can benefit from pipe bending in Houston. There are many benefits to bending pipes rather than configuring the layout with multiple elbows and extra connections. With a smoother flow and better efficiency, this is the right choice for the plumbing, oil refining and even aerospace engineering industries.

Smooth Bends Creates Smooth Flow

When a liquid or gas is moving through pipes, it has to slow down to navigate sharp 90-degree turns. Liquids with a high viscosity are also more likely to become hung up on connections and raised joints. With pipe bending in Houston, the sharp angles, welds and joints are minimized. Angles will still make the 90-degree turn, but they are softened and smoothed out for greater product flow. Without the need add connections and elbows at every turn, the entire piece will have fewer connections.

More Durable for Lasting Performance

Another benefit of bending the pipes rather than welding in connections is the durability. Every weld point is a weakened area that is more likely to fail with time. Problems rarely occur along the smooth lines, but they are more likely at fittings. With pipe bending services in Houston, the bends replace multiple connections to reduce the risk of failure and breakdowns in the future.

Cost-Effective Installation

It takes time to stop and weld a connection. Ordering bent pipes allows manufacturers to streamline the installation process and reduce associated costs. With pipe bending, there is no need to wait for multiple connections as the pipes have to be shifted and moved. The bends are made to exact specifications so customers can count on the pipes being a perfect fit.

Conserve Space

Industries like manufacturing, aerospace, petrochemicals and oil refining also benefit from pipe bending because it conserves space within the system. Harsh 90-degree turns need extra space to complete the lines, but that can be minimized by having the pipes bent. Maneuvering the lines into place can also be more challenging, and the connections may be weakened if the pipes are manipulated too much. With pipe bending services, the smooth turns will fit better in tight areas. They are also more stable, so they are less likely to be damaged when they are being worked into a small area.

Custom Sizes and Work

When companies rely on connections and standard sizes, then they are limited to the standard sizes available from their local retailer. With pipe bending, they can choose the custom sizes and bends they need. There is no need to limit the specifications of a project based on what is available at the hardware store. Whether they need multiple turns or just one very specific angle, they can get the exact piping from custom bending companies. Whether a manufacturer needs special 24-inch pipe or commercial plumbers need a 6-inch OD pipe moving to a 12-inch center line radius, they can get the exact piping they need from custom pipe benders. The pipes are more stable and durable when connections are minimized. Gaseous and liquid materials also move through the system more efficiently when the curves are smoothed out and interior lines are smooth with minimal soldering points. The installation is easier and more affordable, and custom-bent pipes are simply more efficient and cost-effective for every industry that needs pipes to move gases or liquids through a system.