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Do I Need 5D Bends for My Piping Project?

When you need less resistance and a shorter distance for product travel, you want larger radius bends. There is a high demand larger pipe bends, and 5D in particular is an attractive option when you are customizing pipes. Before ordering another factory part with a smaller radius, consider the benefits of increasing to 5D bends.

Less Resistance

Whether you are moving water, gas or exhaust through the pipes, a larger radius seen in 5D Bends allows for a faster flow of product. The incorporation of wider pipes will allow these elements to move more rapidly through the piping. The elimination of sharp pivots will also allow for a more efficient flow. Wide pipes with gentle turns allow for easier and fast flow of movement.

Reduced Travel Distance

In an effort to move the entire product through a thin line, you must increase the length of the pipes. This means, however, that it will take longer for products to move from point A to point B. With 5D pipes, the larger diameter and gentle turns allow you to shorten the pipe length. Even when a small amount is moving through the system, it will still arrive at the other end faster since it is not traveling as far.

Larger Radius

With 5D pipe, what you are really increasing is the radius of the pipe. The turns made by the pipe will be no tighter than five times the radius of the pipe. If you have a ten-inch pipe, the centerline of any bend will be no less than 50 inches. This ensures that the pipes maintain easy turns for a smooth and efficient product flow. The right pipe bending company should be able to provide you with a diagram of what your pipes will look like, or you can show them a diagram of what is necessary and they will help you work out a design plan that meets your needs.

Lower Cost

Even though it’s considered a customized change, 5D bends can often be more affordable than their smaller counterparts. They are available from several manufacturers, so you can also shop around to find the best available price on your custom pipes and special requirements.

Hiring the Right Company
Once you make the decision to change your pipe and benefit from customized solutions, you need to make sure you hire the right company. Ideally, local companies are a good choice because you can rest assured that they are doing their own work. Call several companies to get estimates, and be sure you ask questions. Find out how they guarantee their work, and look for an agency with a solid reputation. Companies should be experienced at bending and able to stand behind their work with a warranty.

There are several benefits to choosing 5D pipes, and the greatest advantage is that you will see your productivity and efficiency levels increase. Choose an experienced company to ensure that your new pipes suit your needs perfectly, and make sure they perform their own work rather than contracting it out to other agencies.