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Stainless Steel Is Gaining Ground As The Preferred Metal For Pipe Coiling

Pipe coiling is the necessary technique when people require coils for the use of heating and cooling liquids at vast rates and pressures. These liquids may work machinery or will become products for companies and consumers. There are many different types of metals being used to create coils, as one that is gaining ground in the industry is stainless steel.

Why Companies Are Selecting Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a machinable metal. This phrase means that it can easily handle 3D bends and other shaping into a final product without losing its strength or durability. The metal can handle extreme pressures and stress better than other metals, increasing its longevity when used as parts in machinery.

Stainless steel also comes in several different grades that are suitable for pipe coils. If your company needs pipe coils in a variety of sizes and shapes, stainless steel can be used for small pipe and large diameter pipe based on the amount and flow of liquid or other products that pass through it.

Although stainless steel doesn’t have as much thermal conductivity for heating and cooling processes as do other metals, it makes up for this circumstance with its corrosion resistance. It can handle the friction resistance produced with the flow of liquid passing along its length as the pipe coiling method doesn’t affect the structural wall strength of the pipe.

Another benefit is that the pipe can be bent using induction bends or cold bending. When the pipe cannot be bent using normal bending methods, these two techniques can ensure the stainless steel is shaped to your exact specifications for the machinery or production process in your company.

Finally, stainless steel can often be cheaper than other metals. Your company can get large amounts of pipe coiling at a cheaper price. When trying to save money in your budget, having the pipe coils you need in the quantity you want at the right price is exactly what you are looking for in your company operations.

Bend-IT, Inc. Can Provide Stainless Steel Coils

When you are looking for a local manufacturer, we here at Bend-IT, Inc. can provide the stainless steel coils for your company. Let us know your specifications and the quantities you desire and we will get the products made to your satisfaction.