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Pipe Rolling and the Petrochemical Industry: Bend-IT, Inc. Brings Function, Safety and Aesthetics to the Oilfield

Pipe rolling is an art — and a science. Virtually every oilfield location, refinery, gas processing plant and storage facility has rolled pipe components. Bend-IT, Inc. provides superior pipe bending and rolling services for companies that need handrails, gas pipeline, structural material and architectural design elements shaped to perfection.

Bend-IT, Inc custom metal bending services give construction managers pipe and tubing shaped to precise specifications with short turnaround times. Pipe rolling techniques allow builders to use space more efficiently; installing barriers to protect workers from falling and other hazards. Our rolled pipe processes meet or exceed safety recommendation from OSHA and other federal requirements. We work with safety management consultants to ensure best practices comply with risk management assessments and client safety programs.

What is amazing is that the people and processes behind metal fabrication receive so little recognition. Articles in the Refinery News extol the virtues of major company expansion and announce new regulatory guidelines — but rarely is there an article about the expertise, dedication and skill needed to place a perfect arc in a section of pipe to compliment architectural designs.

Behind the scenes at Bend-IT, Inc., skilled workers use powerful machines to complete pipe rolling orders. It takes some finesse to coax the pipe into a gentle arc or a full 360 degree circle without crushing it under the force of the equipment. And while most jobs don’t end up as sculpture in a municipal garden or on display at a trendy museum, our craftsmen take pride in their work and strive to produce only the highest quality outcomes for each customer.

Whether you need a single pipe shaped or you are working on a major construction project with hundreds of pipe components, we can fill your spec list. Bend-IT, Inc. works with various sizes of pipe and offers fabricating coil services for pipe from 1/8 inch up 8 inches. We work will all alloys — cooper, aluminum, brass, steel and other metals.

Coil fabricating services work well with small, simple coil designs and large-scale complex coil assemblies. Following customer specs, we also take precautions to stay within ASME and UL code guidance. Custom shapes — helical, spiral and serpentine — are tailored to your radius specifications precisely. Bend-IT, Inc. recommends scheduled coil cleaning to extend the life and function of fabricated coils.

Along with pipe rolling, we offer shape metal bending for angles, channels and I-beams, flat bar (both easy-way and hard-way) and square tubing. If you need fabrication services, we can help you with prompt customer service, short response times and exceptional workmanship.

Contact us for information about pricing, turnaround time and your specific job requirements. We are anxious to help you add function, safety and aesthetics to your location and are waiting for your call.