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Pipe Rolling By Professionals Reduces Accidents On-Site

Anytime you have to roll pipes to fit a particular shape or design for your operations, it requires a significant amount of skill as well as specialized equipment. Accidents are bound to occur on site when there is any kind of pipe rolling done. To reduce accidents, you will want to explore having this service done by professionals.

If you can obtain rolled pipe directly from a company, there is no need for you to deal with it on your own. As soon as you do not have to maintain rolling equipment on premises, you can minimize the number of health and safety laws that you must comply with on a day to day basis.

Your employees want to know that they are working in a safe environment. While you may provide training as well as personal protective equipment, some of the tasks that they perform are not the safest – and pipe rolling is one of them. People have had fingers crushed within the rollers and various other accidents can occur as well.

When there are accidents on site, it can lead to people looking for another job, even if they weren’t the ones involved. You don’t want to be on the search for new employees all the time, which is why you want to consider using a professional company to do all of the work for you. This will ensure that you don’t have any injuries – at least not from any rolling of pipes that you need to get through your applications and operations.

Each time there is a workers’ compensation claim, it is going to cost you money. Even if an employee just goes to a facility to have a wound checked out, it can affect you in regards to what you pay for workers’ compensation insurance. The goal is to stay accident free, but when you have employees working on risky equipment, the accidents are likely going to happen.

You can save a significant amount of money when you turn the pipe rolling over to the professionals. You save money from:

– Training

– Equipment maintenance


– Workers’ compensation

When you look at all the avenues in which you save, it pays to have someone else do the rolling. You get the high quality product that you need without having to do it in-house. Your employees will be more productive and you won’t have to worry about losing employees because someone got hurt on the job.

Plenty of companies will do the rolling for you. It’s your job to find a reliable company that will meet your quality standards as well as provide you with a price that still ends up saving you money so that you can see that it is beneficial to work with professionals. Your employees will stay safer when there is no rolling equipment on premises and you don’t have to worry about dialing “911” in the middle of the day.