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Rolled Pipe Used by Numerous Industries For Liquid Transportation And Heating Purposes

Industries across the country need rolled pipe work for different aspects of their industries. This pipe work has curves and arcs as the pipes can be used to transport liquids, natural gas and other substances to different locations in your operations. This rolled metal may also be used as heating machinery. When your company has a need for pipe rolling services, you should contact Bend-IT.

The reasons why you may prefer to have pipe that has been rolled versus straight lengths of pipe can be based on several factors. You may need long lengths of pipe without the possible structural weakness of joining pipes through welding techniques. Areas where the two pipes join together can become weak over time and break apart, causing a hazardous situation to workers and stop operations.

You may also need this type of pipe based on the architectural structure of your factory. You may have a place where the pipe cannot pass through a wall or other machinery. Placing in rolled pipe allows you to bypass the obstruction without taking up large amounts of space.

In addition, some companies need pipe rolling services to create a heat coil for their operations. Heating coils can rely on water, steam and electrical elements to heat up the pipe to extremely high temperatures for a number of purposes. By bending the pipe into coils can ensure the proper heat transfer without heat lose, allowing operations to run efficiently.

Bend-IT can form the pipe into the correct arcs and curves you need for your operations. You need to specify how you want your rolled pipe to be: inside radius bend, outside radius bend or centerline radius bend. We will immediately begin work on rolling your pipe so that your factory will experience the least amount of downtime possible as you can resume operations.

The reason many industries rely on a company such as Bend-IT to perform pipe rolling services is that Bend-IT will also perform the necessary testing to ensure the pipe’s integrity and strength. You can request destructive testing and non-destructive testing. Destructive testing will evaluate how much force it will take for the pipe to fail. This technique can allow you to know what part of your factory will be best to place the pipe where it can stand up to equipment operations. Non-destructive testing will analyze the overall durability and integrity of the pipe without destroying it whenever you need to use the pipe in low pressure operations.

Having the best rolled pipe for your business is essential to keep up production work. Go to a company such as Bend-IT when you need pipe rolling services so you can resume operations and make profits. Your pipes will have the arcs and curves to your specifications to transport the liquids, chemicals, gases and other materials used in your industry.