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Put Safety First With Proper Heat Coil Bending

Whether a heat coil is being used in small household appliances or in industrial applications it is extremely important that the fabrication process is completed properly to ensure they are safe to use. The expert team at Bend-IT has years of experience working with rolled pipe, helical coils, 3d bends, draw bending, heat coil fabrication and more.

Safety First

For those working in the petrochemical, aero-space and oil-field industries strict safety measures are very familiar. When dealing with heating coils and metal bending in industrial applications there are also many strict safety standards that must be met. These standards are put in place not only to make sure the facility’s are functioning properly but to also protect employees. At Bend-IT of Houston, Texas we are committed to creating and bending the best possible product to be used across the country. We will work closely with each individual client to meet all of their specific bending needs while meeting national safety standards set in place by the government.

Custom Fabrication

When it comes to putting safety first, our expert team will work closely with each individual client to customize even the smallest orders. All of our fabrication services are completed in-house to assure the highest quality and performance. We take many different elements into consideration when dealing with heating coil fabrication including the type of metal, metal thickness, metal density and getting the right width affect and curvature. It is our pleasure to work closely with each client to make sure all demands are met and you are getting the best possible quality heat coils on the market today.

Our team also offers a wide arrange of other options when it comes to custom, precision metal bending. If you are in need of pipes bent with specific curves or arcs at a specific radius we recommend using rolled pipe. For companies in need of the best heating and cooling applications for acid solutions, alkaline solutions or rinse tanks we recommend the use of helical coils. As one of our specialties we carry the proper equipment needed to expertly fabricate custom helical coils.

The Safest Choice for Your Company

At Bend-IT of Houston we proudly work with all different types of alloys and fabricate all types of cooling coils from 1/8 inch pipe to 8 inch pipe, we’ve got you covered. No customization job is too big or too small. We look forward to tackling your toughest challenges when it comes to customization in metal bending and now heat coil fabrication. With over 30 years of experience in the custom metal bending field you can count on our expert team to deliver the highest in quality and safety standards. For more information on the services we offer please visit us online today.