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Saving Space with Hot Bending Techniques

Hot bending provides a much wider range of options for shapes and angles. When you are trying to build a new facility or manufacturing equipment, every inch of space counts. A few extra feet to accommodate a jumble of pipes can add thousands of dollars to your total budget. This bending method allows you to create compact and efficient designs that save you money by taking up less space.

Working in Tight Spaces
Normal bending techniques can provide plenty of angles and twists, but they require a certain length between bends. Heated bending allows you to create a series of turns that are very close together. This makes it easier to run pipe or support beams through a very tight space. There’s no need to lose pressure or pay for dozens of extra feet of pipe just to maneuver around an obstacle.

Unusual Shapes
A tightly wound coil can provide a boost to your equipment, but cold bending machines have limits on how closely they can wrap steel pipe. Hot bending allows for the creation of a much wider range of coils and other shapes. Serpentine and helical coils of all sizes are easy to fabricate when a little heat is applied to help the steel bend.

Proper bending techniques can also help you reclaim steel fixtures that were bent incorrectly or damaged. There’s no need to invest in brand new equipment if you can restore what you already have on hand.