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The Science Behind Serpentine Coils

Not all heating and cooling needs are the same for every piece of equipment, and that is why we offer serpentine coils. These coils would not be appropriate for a large amount of heat transfer, but they are perfect for areas that require a medium amount instead. The serpentine coils that we create typically have either six or eight evenly spaced vertical runs of tubing, and this provides the perfect solution for effectively pushing the necessary amount of hot or cold air into the proper space. We have been creating these coils for more than 20 years, and that gives us the necessary skill set to ensure that your serpentine coils will have the correct bends to allow them to work properly.

The Usage of Serpentine Coils

Although most people use serpentine coils to take care of their heating transfer needs, they also have other applications. For example, the serpentine coil design has been utilized in several innovative ways, including within the BEPC-II Superconducting IR Magnets. The way the serpentine coil is designed will determine how it can be used, and we make coils with fittings, brackets and flanges, among other things, to provide our customers with the perfect fit for the necessary environment.

Saving Space with Serpentine Coils

The design of serpentine coils make it easy to transfer warm and cool air within a small amount of space. Without these coils, it would be necessary to have a much bigger area available to store your heating and cooling equipment. The fact that the serpentine coil can allow a medium amount of air to flow through it in a more compact space will enable manufacturers and architects to create smaller solutions for your heat transfer needs. Without the serpentine coil, each component would need to be bigger, and this would require a larger financial commitment to get everything up and running.

The Inspiration Behind the Design

As its name suggests, serpentine coils take their inspiration from the design of a snake. The winding body shape that a snake can achieve while it is either hiding or in motion provides the perfect design for compressing air flow needs. In fact, if the coil was laid flat instead of twisting around in a serpentine manner, the equipment and space that it is being used with would need to be enormous.

Achieving the Proper Bends

If your serpentine coils are not bent properly, it is possible to experience too much or too little air flow. When this happens, the equipment that is using the coils could overheat, and the entire area might experience an influx of too much cold or hot air. To avoid this problem, it is imperative to utilize a professional bending company. Bend-It has the necessary experience to create the perfect serpentine coils for any of your needs, and we can also produce the coils in a short period of time. In order to assure that you receive exactly what you need, we will need to receive the specifications of the equipment and space that you are working with. If you have any questions about how this entire process works, you can contact us for more information.