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We Can Bend it, Arch it or Roll it Any Way You Like

Do you work in an industry where you are required to use various sizes and types of rolled pipe metal? If so, you can find any kind of metal you need including aluminum. There is a difference between pipe bending and pipe rolling. Pipe bending requires you to take a long shapeless piece of pipe and bend it in a desired shape you need. This can be very hard work, even if you have all the right tools to work with. Rolled metal pipe is totally different. It is cost efficient, structured and ready to use.

Rolled metal pipe is regarded as custom designed because of their unique designs. Custom made pipe vary in size, length, weight and style. Contact Bend –IT, INC is the largest manufacturer and producer of metal pipe designs. You can get any pipe arched, bent, curved or coiled according to your specifications. Metal bending is done with precise and expertise.

We shape any kind of pipe into any angle from 45 degrees to 360 degrees. Construction industries use various types of rolled pipe to help them in their work every day. Other industries that use the round or curved pipe design are the oil and gas industry, and aerospace technology.

Our company has been serving industries like yours for more than 30 years. Our knowledge of custom design pipe bending makes us the number one source for any type of pipe services and installation. Bend-IT, Inc. is unmatched in quality, service and customer commitment.

Our customers get a win, win combination of quality services and products.