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What Industries Need Pipe Bending in Houston?

Many industries depend on pipe bending to maintain the success and longevity of their business. More specifically industries that specialize in the processing of materials and chemicals that are manufactured or produced in plants and factories cannot function without proper piping and pipe fabrication. The following will explore why pipe bending Houston is necessary for such industries as petrochemical, aerospace, oil-field, and oil-refineries:


One industry that is in great need of quality pipe bending Houston is the field of petrochemical processing. As a variety of chemical products are filtered and processed in large quantities on a daily basis, it is absolutely necessary that each pipe is bent to the exact specifications that is required for the steady flow of these chemicals and other extracts.

As the processing of chemicals made from petroleum, such as those that compose oil and gas, are at the core of the global economy, the functionality of petrochemical processing plants is crucial. The filtration of these chemicals is done through a series of pipes that have been bent to navigate and control the flow of liquids and oils through the plant in order ensure they are properly produced and made available.


Before any filtration of petroleum is done, however, it must first be extracted from the earth. The Oil-Field industry, also known as the “upstream” sector of petroleum extraction wherein water is separated from the oil itself, requires the use of bended pipes for the machinery used to remove the petroleum from the earth. Many devices such as oil drilling rigs contain a variety of moving components that transfer heat and liquids. These parts are made of pipes both moving and stationary that are bent at certain angles in order to operate the machine as a whole. Without proper pipe bending, the petroleum industry would be at a great loss.


Another major oil-related industry that requires the bending of pipes is that of oil-refining. This portion of processing takes place in a plant where a large series of piping transfers oil and other liquids between processing units. The oil-refinery is where crude oil is manufactured into gasoline, diesel fuel, asphalt, other major areas of the global economy. The functionality of these plants is completely reliant on piping that has been fabricated properly.


The aerospace industry is at the heart of the global frontier. The future innovations of space exploration rely heavily upon the success of the pipes in which the machinery is comprised of. As this particular enterprise utilizes the intricate and unique mechanics used for both aeronautics and astronautics it is necessary for the pipes to be bent with precision and accuracy. In addition, the pipes that are bent must be able to withstand the amount of pressure that is associated with the extreme conditions of space.

Proper pipe bending plays a key role in the existence of major global industries. Without it, many smaller businesses and companies that rely on the manufacturing of these products could not thrive as they do.