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What Is a Condensing Coil?

At Bend IT, Inc., you can find in-house fabrication, custom-made bends, and fast turnaround for your condensing coil needs. A condensing coil can also be known as a heat coil and is used in items like space heaters, air conditioners, and radiators. There are different types of coils for each of these items, which is why you may need a specialized product.

A condensing coil can be a term used to describe all heat and cooling systems and their designs. It may also refer to air coils specifically, which is the type of heat exchanger found commonly in air conditioning units for buildings, like your offices or manufacturing plant. A condensing coil is used in your system to help convert refrigerants or water from a liquid to a gas, and that gas is then compressed and pushed through the ventilation system you use.

Condensing coils are heat exchangers. This means that with a properly working coil, your heat will be transferred efficiently between two locations. Space heaters, for example, use condenser coils to quickly heat an area. Different sizes and shapes of coils will have different effects, but if you simply look around the office or home, you’ll find them on almost any item that uses hot or cold temperatures throughout the day.

Most condenser units will be self maintaining, but sometimes they break down and don’t work as well as they used to. You might need to replace the unit or have it repaired or tested. With Bend IT, Inc., you can have your coils investigated and repaired or replaced as needed and to your custom requirements. It doesn’t matter what kind of specifications you have; your coil needs to work properly, and Bend It, Inc., knows how to give you the perfect coil that will work properly with your heating or cooling units.

At Bend IT, Inc., you can have a coil bent to your specifications. The company bends the coil to the specifications you provide in order to allow your products and machinery to exchange heat properly and efficiently, so you can save money and energy over the long term. Bend IT, Inc., can also test your heating and cooling through the coils, so you know if they are working properly or if they need to be looked at for replacement or repairs. The company also specialized in creating and bending metals for your needs, so you can have your parts matched and replaced without having to buy new units. From hot to cold bending, Bend IT, Inc. has the solution.