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Why Companies Prefer 3D Bends Versus Pipe Welding

More and more companies prefer 3D bends versus pipe welding for their operations when it involves moving liquids and products over vast distances. These industries realize that the fastest way to move product is with the fewest obstructions as well as trying to eliminate places that may cause leaks that can quickly corrode the pipe. Learn more about why you should skip pipe welding and instead look into pipe bending offered by Bend-IT, Inc. for certain operations in your factory.

What Happens With Pipe Welding

Pipe welding requires two pipes to be fitted together with the use of a seam. This technique is often down when the pipe length isn’t sufficient to reach a certain destination. Welding may also be used to bend pipe around corners and into other configurations, such as helical coils when heating and cooling off liquids at high pressures.

Unfortunately, those high pressures can place a strain on welded sections of pipe. Leaks are more likely to occur, resulting in spills that can be damaging to equipment, workers, and the environment based on the type of liquid or other product that may be hazardous in nature.

Pipe bends such as the 3D bends offered by Bend-IT, Inc. reduce the number of welds needed that can leak or corrode over time. The versatility of the pipe bends allows the metal to maintain its integrity and strength without causing unnecessary stress that can be created from welding.

There will be less resistance when liquids flow around corners or other angles to reach machinery. When there are too many corners or pipe joints, it hampers how the liquid travels. Your product will move more slowly, as your production time decreases. This situation can hamper your operations to where you are not as competitive as other companies as you may experience a loss of clients and work to stay operational.

Let Bend-IT, Inc. Provide You With Pipe Bending Services

When you are looking for 3D bends for your pipe, let us here at Bend-IT, Inc. give you the fabrication services that you can trust. With quality work and fast turnaround times, you can have the pipe bending for your company that will increase the productivity of operations as you can move products quickly through your machinery.