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Why You Need Custom Pipe Bending for your 3D Bends

Contractors, petro-chemical facilities, refineries and other businesses that utilize piping in their operations often need to call on custom metal bending experts for their 3D bends and bending needs. Custom metal bending technicians with many years of experience are necessary when businesses need assistance to gain better flow characteristics in their pipes.

What is a 3D Bend?

An important step to take when trying to improve a piping operation’s efficiency is to improve its flow characteristics. A custom metal bending technician can improve a pipe’s flow characteristics by custom fitting a 3D bend, which is a bend that has a centerline radius that is three times the nominal pipe diameter. Often, bends can replace elbows.

3D Bend Benefits

Replacing elbows with 3D bends has several benefits. The 3D bends can be custom made, so a business will not have to procure an exact elbow fitting. Instead, the 3D bend can be formed to the exact specifications required. A 3D bend also eliminates the welds that are associated with an elbow fitting, reducing points of failure. This will also eliminate the need to test welds that would be associated with elbow fittings. Choosing a 3D bend over an elbow fitting often proves to be the most cost effective, efficient, fastest option that also provides high structural integrity.

Industries Utilizing Custom Pipe Bending

Industries like the petro-chemical industry that require steady flows of chemicals and extracts to create their petroleum products often turn to 3D bends to ensure the best piping processes. Another common use of 3D pipe bends is in the oil-field industry. The oil field industry relies on precise pipe bending in both moving and stationary pipes to extract petroleum from the ground. There would be a lot of losses without the utilization of precise pipe bending in the oil field industry. Custom pipe bends are relied on in the aerospace industry, as well. Pipes have to be bent with extreme accuracy and precision when it comes to space exploration. The pipe bends used in the aerospace industry also must withstand the extreme conditions faced in outer space.

Why Hire Custom Pipe Bending Experts?

Custom pipe bending is not a project that can be successfully accomplished by individuals without experience. Businesses should hire pipe bending experts who have years of experience in delivering quality results. Custom pipe bending technicians can work with various types of structural shapes. Experts can perform all types of custom pipe bending, including channel rolling, angle rolling, flat bar bending and I-beam rolling. Pipe bending technicians can work with all types of materials, such as stainless steel, coppers, aluminum, carbon steel and brass.

Contacting a custom pipe bending professional during any stage of a large or small business’ piping process, whether it is during the original construction or during a renovation, is a smart decision. Only a professional who has years of experience fabricating pipe bends to the precise and accurate specifications required can deliver expert results. A company in any industry can waste a lot of the business’ time and money by not going right to the custom pipe bending experts to fabricate the pipe bends necessary for the most efficient piping operations possible.