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Pipe and Tube Coiling

A significant portion of the pipe bending operations performed today are pipe coiling services, where a length of pipe or tube is bent into a helical spiral, similar to a spring. Pipe coiling is used to create custom pipes and other structures for many industries, and it can be a complex process.

Pipe and Round Tube Bending

At Bend-IT, Inc., we utilize three main forms of bending: 3-axis, rotary and hot forming.

Structural Shape Bending

Structural shapes include such things as angles, misc channels, ship and car channels, I Beams, Wide flange beams, flat bars …

About Us

For nearly 34 years, veteran-owned Bend-It, Inc. has been providing fast, dependable metal bending services to our clients who need custom metal bending. We provide bending services for angle, channel, flat bar, pipe, round tube, square tube, finned tube, I beams as well as channel rolled easy way and hard way.

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Not only do we offer bending services, but we also provide fabrication services as well. At Bend-It, Inc. we put our clients first and deliver quality results. For over 30 years, Bend-It, Inc. has been providing fast, dependable bending services to our clients who need custom metal bending.

We’ve Been Bending For Over 30 Years

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Industrial Metal Bending

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Our Aluminum Policy: Due to the nature of aluminum (and there is no designation of aluminum grade on the drawing) our aluminum bending policy is as follows:

1) Bend-IT, Inc. does not purchase aluminum materials.

2) Bend-IT, Inc. is not responsible for the materials during the bending process.

This material is volatile and unpredictable for bending. This material may break during the bending process. Bend-IT will not be responsible for broken materials and will not replace broken materials.

3) Bend-IT does not take responsibility for the suitability of service for bent aluminum materials.

 If the proper process is not followed,
which requires the aluminum material to be sent to heat treaters for annealing for bending, then after bending the materials must be heat treated to return the aluminum parts to the specified grade. There is no other way to ensure the materials will be suitable and or durable as designed.

4) Bend-IT requires Full non-refundable Payment for the bending of this part.

If at any time any materials break in the bending process, the customer will be notified immediately for resolution.

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