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5D Bends: A Specialization in Pipes

5D Bends: A Specialization in Pipes

The 5D bend in pipe bending is an accomplishment in pipe manufacturing, and not all pipe companies can provide it. The only alternative to finding a professional expert in 5D bends would be to attempt training your current employees to prepare the 5D bends for your...

9 Facts About 5D Bends

Pipe bends are used in many industries, including chemical, oil and gas, electric, metallurgy and shipbuilding. Pipe bends function as structural passageways to facilitate the transfer of substances, such as water and fuel. Some have a short radius while others have a...

5 Pipe Bending in Houston Issues We Resolve

At Bend It, we know that pipe bending in Houston requires careful precision. After all, quite a bit could go wrong if tubes are not formed just right. Five issues with bending pipe that we resolve are as follows: Manufacturers have to figure out how to shape pipes in...